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Homemade Laundry Soap

As posted on An Iowa Mom Videos

NOTE:  This soap is between 10 cents & 15 cents a gallon (price at posting) and is very low suds so is safe for HE washer.  I think it cleans very well and is also good for removing sweaty smells.


14.1 Zote bar grate with large side of grater into the 5 gal. bucket

Add hot water 1 gallon at a time (stir well between additions) up to half of the bucket.

Let set overnight so the Zote has time to dissolve completely into the water.  

Set bucket where you want to store your extra concentrate (5 gal. is very heavy to move)

The next day (or later)...

With stirring stick, cut through the top "gel" and stir completely.

Add one gallon at a time very hot water and mix thoroughly between additions.

Repeat process for each addition of water until the bucket is mostly full (leave room to stir)

NOW you have concentrate ready to dilute for use.  

NOTE:  You can store concentrate in the bucket covered with bucket lid for later use.

HOW TO USE THE CONCENTRATE: (Do not use without diluting.)

For color safe soap (to use with clothes that may fade):

Measure equal parts of concentrate and hot water...

 For example:

    Pour 3 cups concentrate into old soap container  (or other clean jug)

    Add 3 cups hot water.  

    Shake container to mix.  (Mark container - "Safe for colors" or "No Borax")

For light colors, whites and delicates:

Add between 2 Tablespoons to 1/4 cup of borax for 1 gallon of ready to use soap.

   For example:

    Pour 3 cups concentrate into old soap container.  

    Mix 2 Tablespoons borax to 3 cups hot water and stir to dissolve

    Add water/borax mixture into the concentrate

    Shake container to mix.  (Mark container - "With Borax")

SPOTS: Pour diluted soap into a squeeze bottle to make an easy to use spot cleaner.  Rub fabric to activate before adding to the rest of the wash.

NOTE: Shake the jug before using since it tends to separate sometimes.

If you store concentrate in bucket, re-stir before diluting.