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Water Lilies

Creation of Water Lilies - watercolor. The building blocks of life come together.

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Guitar Cubism - I want this watercolor painting to say, “Music will not sit still for a portrait.”

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Guitar Cubism

Baritone in Neutrals - Pen and Ink with computer enhancement

Divine Ratio Natural

Divine Ration Natural - This acrylic abstract is made up of rectangles with a mathematical ratio known as the divine ratio or the golden ratio. (Larger view and info)

Young Grapes

Young Grapes - watercolor Abide in Me and I in You John 14:1

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Glory Potential - acrylic

Symbolism throughout the painting speaks of our potential as we surrender to God.

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Glory Potential

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Gallary 2

African Haven

 Is a 3 x 4 foot acrylic painting commissioned by interior designer Deb Gilliland for a client with a love for elephants.

Floral Fruit of the Spirit is a 2x2 foot canvas Acrylic painting with each flower depicting each fruit of the Spirit  from Galatians 5

The Honor of Peonies

The Honor of Peonies acrylic painting with texture depicts memories of honoring veteran graves as a child at the Otho cemetery in Iowa.

Golden All Around

Acrylic  painting with goldenrod and foxtail

Prayer Plant in Chalk is a pastel drawing of the interesting plant my mother-in-law gave to me years ago.

Harvest Revealed

Harvest Revealed - watercolor

The two heads of wheat are obvious but but you can find many more as you look more intently.

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Gallary 2