Egg Rolls

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Makes 12-14 egg rolls (hearty enough to serve 4)

Heat up

½” to 1" thick coconut oil in a small pan

Or use a deep fat fryer at 375o

Sauté veggies in fry pan with enough olive oil to coat pan

10oz bag of slaw veggies with shredded cabbage & other veggies (  is my favorite)

(Optional) 1 cup cooked meat or cooked chicken cut into very small pieces

Add to the fry pan and mix only enough to coat veggies (& meat if used)

2 Tablespoon Mongolian BBQ sauce (or Teriyaki or Sweet & Sour Sauce)

2 Tablespoon low sodium soya sauce

Mix together in a small bowl to make eatable flour paste

2 Tablespoon water

2 Tablespoon flour

Use a package of egg roll wrappers (most likely found in the produce section)

1 package egg roll wrappers

Only makeup eggroll one at a time an place immediately into oil to avoid soggy wrappers

Put a heaping Tablespoon of sautéed veggies on middle of wrapper

Dip fingers dipped in flour paste and wet the edge all the way around.

(Usually the wrapper has folding diagrams but if it doesn’t…)  

Turn the wrapper to make a diamond shape instead of a square

Fold bottom point end over filling but leave a little margin at the top

Press wrapper around the filling to seal the triangle to the filling

Flip both of the side the ends onto the middle

Firmly (but not so tight as to tear the wrapper) roll the folded wrapper over the top end

Once it is rolled immediately put into the hot oil.  Start the second roll and put into oil. Turn as they are browned on the first side.   

(NOTE:  cook no more than 2 at a time in a small pan to avoid oil dropping in temperature)

Once each roll is cooked, remove from oil and put onto a paper towel.  Put in a microwave to hold in the heat (don’t turn on the microwave just use as a warm box)

Serve warm. You can use sauce you used for the filling as a dipping sauce.

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