Note by the artist:

  Lana Shea

This abstract is made up of rectangles with a mathematical ratio known as the divine ratio or the golden ratio in which the longer side is approximately 1.6180339887  to the shorter side.  It has been called the Divine or Golden Ratio because of the natural beauty in its proportions.  

The way I created the rectangles with the divine ratio I drew a square.  I then lengthened the base of the square to one side.  Measuring from the midpoint of the square to the opposite corner I created an arc than extended to the base line. Where the arc intersected with the line determined the dimension of the long side of the rectangle.  In this abstract, I have used not only the rectangles in my completed work but I also kept the arcs that helped me construct these special rectangles.  

Miracles are not hard for God.  With Him even rectangles can be made from circles.  Perhaps that is why the term divine ratio fits so well.

Divine Ratio Natural

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