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Eatable Valentines

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¼ cup butter, melted

10½ ounces mini marshmallows

5½ cups Rice Krispies

(for topping) 1/2 package of chocolate almond bark

(or small bowl of chocolate chips, cherry chips  etc)

Melt butter in large sauce pan, add marshmallows.

Stir over low heat to melt.

Take off heat and add the Rice Krispies and stir together.

Pour mixture onto parchment paper.  With oiled hands, press evenly to make about 1/4" thick

Let cool a little while getting the topping ready.

In a microwave safe bowl melt chocolate at 1 minute intervals until completely melted, stirring after each minute to avoid burning.

Make a paper heart pattern or use cookie cutter as a pattern.

Place pattern on the cooled marshmallow Krispies and carve around the hearts.  Put them on parchment or wax paper.  

Press any ruffled edges of the hearts to correct imperfections in cutting.

Spread the melted chocolate on the hearts and let cool.  

(OPTIONAL) You can decorate even more by melting contrasting color almond bark or chips and spoon into a small ziplock baggie.  Squeeze contents to a corner, clip small tip off the baggie.  Squeeze the contents out the corner to outline, write message or add designs.  

These hearts may be boxed or put into baggies and give to friends and family.